Flo Rida & T-Pain – Low (Beknur Remix) (Bass Boosted) | BassCakeHD + ranting

Today found good song:

First found this video, and really like how this girl dances, really music is perfect combination with this girl. Just that video is too short 🙂 https://www.tiktok.com/@lunaroulette_real/video/7014130466991246593 . I hate wordpress, it just does not show tiktok embeded video as youtube. So just pasted as plain text. I tried googling on how to fix but just wastes my time. It is not how it should work, it is clearly wordpress or theme or some plugin bug.

I sometime wish that developers or QA or whoevere who is responsible be should be put to jail leaving bugs. Then maybe they would learn that need to test before releasing!!!! But it would be in the perfect world and then I myself would be scared to realease things. So in the end it is out of option. But still when anger comes, this thougth appears 🙂

On the other hand – I get free software. So I should not complain probably. It is free. If I do not like it, I should write my own. And of course I do not have that much time to write all the functionality that wordpress has. And even less time would be required to fix the wordpress bug instead of writing my own wordpress.

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