Music 2022 Januarry

Here is the music which I have added to my playlist on January. “Started as a baby” is my favourite from this list I guess. Very original text, nice cars, nice girls, nice sunglasses, nice bacground music, nice computerized voice, some quality content:

Couple of 3SUN-C – most fun is if you understand the text πŸ™‚

This one from my teenage years, maybe there are some of you who remember those times? I would not say them that they were good, now as being adult and independent, living in city, earning money as programmer, they are much better. But still then when listening to good music you forgot the shit things and feel good for a few minutes πŸ™‚ Plus I played a lot of Need for Speed Porsche with this music in the background.

Another, maybe bored song when it used to be played a lot on the radio but after long time I heard it on the radio again and I liked it:

Next like nothing special, just some chill music:

Drum and bass for chill out, sounds really nice if you have subwoofer:

Arianda Grande – at least some of her songs are really cool, here is one example with Lady Gaga, make me want to dance:

Again 90ties music πŸ™‚ Lot of good music from those times, would like to go to that concert. Actually there will be concert 100km away from me, but not sure, music from the 90ties but like half of it I do not like, so not sure is that worth the money then. I really like Groove Coverage, and Darude – Sandstorm is awesome. But not much else from this I see I like.

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