Hello, I am Darius. Decided to try blogging again after maybe 10 years break of previous blog which I lost motivation to do so. But from time to time I learned something about programming and decided I could blog about it. But then again I see after I started the blog, I rarely post about programming. I learn something but blog is not generating me money so no motivation to spend a lot of time. But I often find also some interesting videos and music, so now decided to try to add them to the blog. Even when blog at first was dedicated to programming, probably it will start having more fun posts than programming posts. Maybe better than nothing.

Also english is not my first language, I am targeting those readers who do not care about my english skills 🙂 But if you have better suggestion how to phrase sentence and want to teach me english – I am ok with that, waiting for a comment, maybe I will use that in the article 🙂 Or if you have any other suggestion, I am also waiting for comment. And if my article useful I would be happy to know.

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