FERRARI 812 NOVITEC 165.000km 351km/h REVIEW on AUTOBAHN

Long time since I haven’t written. I really am busy with my work and after work stuff, and thi blog does not bring me money anyway, so not dedicating much time.

But I have fun topics, and posting in the forums a lot. But maybe I should post into a blog and maybe this migth grow, who knows. And probably this blog name might not be correct – it quickly might become fun blog instead of programming blog 😀 but who cares maybe. Maybe better it becomes something than die because no articles.

So now about the video. Electric cars are good because they are cheaper to run and not poluting at least your city. Lot of arguments are against them because they polute other places where metals for batteries are mined or something like that. But I really hope petrol does not get out of market completely. Electric cars do not make such sounds like these petrol cars. Not sure if this car is good for long trips, maybe you will become tired much sooner because of the sound. I have seen those loud cars having thing like this:

you just turn off and car becomes silent 🙂